Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Keegan McGregor

Jennifer is a relationship and communication expert with a BA in Communication Studies from West Virginia University. She became a sex and relationship coach after being on the brink of divorce to a thriving and successful marriage utilizing the same tools and techniques used in Cultivating Connection.

As a Relationship Workshop Facilitator, Jennifer believes in helping couples deepen their connection, open their lines of communication to build a solid foundation, and using Tantric practices to have the best sex of your life.

Cultivating Connection

Step by step, self-paced modules to help partners learn how to communicate openly and honestly, create unwavering trust, and build a Tantric practice that explores, deepens, and generates the best sex of your life!


Open communication is the foundation to deepen your connection with your partner


History, vocabulary, and how to get started

The Practice

Setting up a tantric practice that fulfills your desires, passion, and deepens your connectivity

Transformation is Everything

After completing Cultivating Connection you will be able to:

  1. Communicate with your partner openly, honestly, and with ease.
  2. Discuss your passions, desires, and fantasies in a safe space.
  3. Build unwavering trust in your relationship that lasts a lifetime.
  4. Understand the basic principles and history of Tantra.
  5. Build a Tantric practice that fits your life, time, and desires.
  6. Have the best sex of your life!

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